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About Us

History of Institution:

After make a society with some identical members namely Khatra Town Educational Welfare Society Reg. No-S/1L/96505 or SO196505 of 2012-13 under WB Societies Reg. act 1961 as on 26th Sept. 2012. Arrange various social work like blood donation camp, eye camp, child labour camp etc. and we feel that our sub-division effected low infrastructure in the field of healthy education and training schools & colleges. Our area is specially Maoist affected area. So we feel that there is necessity to build up mass education among the people and for that purpose we arrange money from sound people, our own family members & our society members as donation to build up fund for the society.

We decide to build up college and school in the area of Khatra. So we collect donation from kind hearted people in small fund in the form of cash or kind paved the way for its establishment and soft loan from our members and apply to NCTE for affiliation in the year of 2012. After long time for some problem we get affiliation in the year 2015 for only 50 students for two years B.Ed training as per NCTE rules & regulation 2014 and also get affiliation in the year 2016 for one Unit i.e. 50 students for 2 year D.El.Ed  courses.

             Now we feel happy to do the work for our societies in our locality.


Main mission of our Society is to help the poor people, to enlighten, to educate, with the help of central & state government project time to time. To create self employment for ourselves and to others. To overcome the barrier of Maoist system & to help poor student for their higher education at their door step.       

            To assist them to get employment with giving various training. 




    To build up strong infrastructure for giving better education in our backward naxalite (Maoist) effected society. So that we can overcome all the barriers. In the future if possible we will be start schools, colleges, nursing colleges, ITI, oldage home, handicapped rehabilitation centres etc.
       So that we can help the various field of people to educate to employment to literate of computer and other segment area of education & to accelerate the government project in the needy people in our locality.

Our Inspiration

With his kind blessing, the Milestone of Khatra Town  Educational Welfare Society was set up in 2012. Whatever the educational initiatives undertaken by the Khatra Town  Educational Society, possible only for His divine blessing. To materialize our noble deeds, we all feel His existence not only in our hurdles but also in the deeper depth of the heart of our hearts. That is why; we are to pay our sincerest tribute and reverence to this celestial soul.  


This college is  organized by "Khatra Town Educational Welfare Society", a non profit making registered charitable organization with an aim to impart for bridging  the gap of modern & updated educational facilities between Metro-cities and our district and we are steadily striving to achieve our noble  object.

Our Society is managed by a group of professional, spiritual and intellectual personalities. We are responsible for its financial assistance and the building of its assets as well as its ethos and philosophy.

Our proposed Teacher Training College will be governed by a duly constituted Governing Body in terms of the guidelines of the regulatory authorities’ i.e, National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) and Burdwan University & West-Bengal Board of Primary Education(W.B.B.P.E).

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